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Rules at The Metropolitan Museum of Art    
Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10028
(212) 535-7710
For the preservation of the collection, you may not touch the works of art.

Visitors may use cameras; however, flash and video are prohibited.

Cell phones must be turned off while in the galleries. Food, gum and candy, beverages, umbrellas, shopping bags, backpacks, and sports equipment are prohibited in the galleries. These items must be checked until the end of your visit. We encourage you to leave these items on the bus, if possible. Group members are asked to refrain from bringing large bags, electronics, and personal items. Suitcases and duffle bags are not permitted in the Museum and will not be accepted at the coat check.

Sketching and note-taking are permitted in the galleries with pencil only, in a small note or sketchbook.

Stools are not permitted for use by groups in the galleries.

As is required of all Museum visitors, your bags and backpacks may be inspected when you enter the Museum.

We regret that lunchroom facilities are not available within the Museum. Our front steps and Central Park welcome picnickers.




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